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What's at stake?


Republicans have embraced white supremacy and authoritarian tactics, etching voter suppression into our laws.

With the launch of DFA Advocacy Fund, we're taking them head on. 

Marble Surface

The attempted insurrection on January 6th made it clear: we can't risk building the plane while we fly it. No other organization has the capacity to fight at this level right now, when we need it most. We have the tools, people power and infrastructure to deliver victory from start to finish. Our fully developed and tested movement infrastructure provides the capacity to follow through immediately from campaign work to pushing hard on the issues once we have progressives in office. 

We need all the urgency and passion and acumen we have as a movement. DFA Advocacy Fund is ready to fight harder and smarter. This is how we win."


- Betsy Sweet


"The life of our democracy is under threat. Without preserving and expanding its structural cornerstones- we could lose it. DFA Advocacy Fund is uniquely positioned to take on the fight of our lives.

Betsy is one of the nation's foremost experts on voting rights expansion and structural democracy reform, best known for her leadership role in securing ranked choice voting in Maine. With a national reputation as a formidable behind-the-scenes political movement architect, she has more than three decades of experience in electoral politics.

Betsy Sweet: Proven Fighter For Democracy

"It's code blue for democracy."


We have the winning numbers when we activate voters in the margins. 

How we win

Reform the landscape of democracy, obstacles laid by big money, right-wing extremists, and white supremacists. 

Stack the political chessboard to win on multiple fronts, in every state, at every level of government.

What's on the line?

Right-wing extremists have declared war on voting rights. 

Their efforts to suppress the vote seek to bomb the runways before a people's movement can take flight. 

DFA Advocacy Fund creates a throughline from the campaign work started by DFA to the structural democracy reform we need for victory now and in the future.

Policy Work

Grassroots power building

Elect Progressives

• The insurrection was not the one-off culmination of Republican strategy. It was an early pressure test designed to measure our resolve. 

• We have to fight for the structural flesh and blood of democracy. 

• The only sufficient response is one of well-developed tactical intelligence and relentless force deployed on multiple fronts. 

• The progressive organization best positioned and prepared for this is DFA Advocacy Fund. 

Why Democracy For America Advocacy Fund?

Our adversaries are willing to destroy democracy if that's what it takes to hold power. We witnessed violence, intentional targeting and terrorizing of elected officials, and frenzied mobs driven by racism, disinformation, and explicit incitement by Republicans and their allies.  

Democracy For America has a 17 year track record of strategic work to advance progressive values. As we've worked to elect Progressives throughout the scaffolding of the Democracy, our members have called for structural democracy reform that ensures our victories are not choked off by systemic obstacles like voter suppression, gerrymandering or other abuses.

DFA members have consistently called for democracy reform. Our work starts there.

With the launch of DFA-AF, we are taking on structural democracy reform as our first, most urgent project.

Defend & Expand Voting Rights

The right to vote is precious and must be protected. The Voting Rights Act should be fully restored, we must also overturn voter ID laws and other suppressive laws that specifically target communities of color.

Adopt Ranked Choice Voting

Ranked choice voting allows voters to rank candidates in order of preference, and then uses those rankings to elect candidates who best represent their community. Voters rank candidates in order of choice, knowing that ranking others will not hurt the chances of their favorite candidate.  Rank choice voting can help slow the negative culture we see so often in campaigns and provide better representation.

End Gerrymandering

Gerrymandering manipulates voting districts or boundaries to favor one party over another, It is a tactic employed to dilute the voting power of groups who are otherwise likely to vote against a culprit, and to create a false veneer of popularity or fair victory. Gerrymandering has historically been used to suppress the votes of Black and Brown voters. The abolishment of gerrymandering is essential to establishing truly representational democracy. 

Abolish the Filibuster 

The filibuster is an archaic Jim Crow practice that has consistently been used throughout American History to thwart progress.  At this pivotal time in our nation's history it is time to abolish this practice that has been used to deny even hearing issues such as expanding voting rights, ensuring civil rights, or appointing judges to be necessary moral defenders of our democracy.

Get Big Money Out Of Politics

Money in politics has consistently been an issue in the 21st Century. It is a means to keep the people that are closest to the pain from becoming closer to the power and having a legitimate shot at realizing the American dream. When we clean up and reduce money in our political process we will be much closer to building a representative democracy that is truly by the people and for the people.

Reform the Judiciary

By expanding our work to the judiciary we can carry through the intention behind progressive initiatives from policy through successful execution and accountability. By changing the DNA of our democracy we can ensure policies are interpreted and executed according to the needs of real people.

National Popular Vote

Open Primaries

Next up:

Expand Justice Initiative

We cannot surrender to Republicans willing to actively embrace authoritarianism and white supremacy as means to usurp the people. Nor can we tolerate those who are willing to turn a blind eye in order to maintain positions of power. 

The need is urgent. The time to fight is now.

The way forward is Democracy For America. 

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